Saturday, February 15, 2014

Interesting new multifaucet site

So there is a new site out there that is a sort of daily faucet site. No matter if you visit it or not, they give you a small amount of litecoin, feathercoin, tips, and even bitcoin daily.

I just learned about it and I'm currently giving it a try myself and so I'm not sure yet how good it will turn out to be, but I figured I'd share it with you all just in case as it just entered beta:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking to get into mining but don't want to pay all the electric or know anything about hardware?

There is a solution for you!

There is a website, which allows you to purchase gigahash per second with bitcoin. The best part of this is that the "rental" is actually for life. Meaning if you buy 1 gigahash for 0.02 btc today you can mine with it on their site forever. As blocks are found users are paid for their Ghash, you can actually see the mining stats live on

As always, I recommend buying bitcoin through Coinbase, the safest way for americans and probably anybody to purchase BTC with a bank account. Take that btc, buy some ghash with it on and thats it, you're done, you're mining bitcoin without having to buy a ton of hardware and hook up cables all over your house. You're immediately paid when a block is found, and does merge mining with devcoin, ixcoin and namecoin so you get all those added into your profits as well!

But the best part of this? When you've made back your investment and some profit and you've had enough, you can sell your ghash at the market rate and get paid for the hardware, being as you own it, its yours to sell.

Cool huh?

Check it out here:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Enjoy playing cards/gambling? Looking to get some free bitcoins?

Check out sealswithclubs!

Seals with clubs is an online gambling site that uses bitcoin as chips.

Now, if you don't have any bitcoins, obviously this isn't going to work out. However, almost every hour the site has freerolls in which you can play for absolutely free but if you win, you get to keep the bitcoins you won!

Be sure to check it out! 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another place to get some BTC either free or with a little work!

Have you seen some of the bitcoin earning subreddits yet? : A subreddit where you can quite literally tell your sob story and beg for bitcoin!

Not afraid of a little work? Check out

Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking to purchase an ASIC? Cheapest ones I've found so far...

I recently decided to invest in some ASIC mining hardware. While mostly everyone agrees that its unlikely to make an ROI on bitcoin, it may make an ROI on other sha-256 coins. Those that have been mining PPcoin have made significant amounts of money in the past two weeks as the price has more than doubled.

I bought some bitcoins per usual through coinbase doing a direct debit on my bank account, then took those coins and bought asics through the store. Block erupters that mine at 330mhash per sec are being sold for only 0.15 BTC. If you were smart enough to buy BTC two days ago after the SR bust you picked up some coins for around $85 like I did. This means you can buy a block erupter for around $13 shipped.

Check it out at

Sunday, September 8, 2013

GirlsGoneBitcoin has made a new friend, Introducing!

For those who aren't in the know, I'm also the moderator over at, a site much like /r/gonewild, but more bitcoinish.

I also sometimes post. I don't mind if you look, just be polite about it!

This past week we made an alliance with, which is a new site where posters can upload some albums or videos of their own home grown pr0n and share it with the masses in exchange for BTC. Sounds fun right?

It goes without saying that this is a NSFW topic, so use discretion if you click on the links! =)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Coin Primecoin brings something new to the table!

The blogosphere has been lighting up this week with talk about Primecoin, a new bitcoin "clone" that brings something quite different to the table.

Primecoin instead of being a standard hashcash type of coin has its users calculating prime number chains to find blocks.

As of the typing of this post, primecoin has risen all the way up to .015 BTC per XPM and fallen to its current level of about .01 BTC per XPM.

Primecoin is traded on most alt exchanges like coins-e and cryptsy. You can learn more about it at Reddit Primecoin and download the latest and fastest wallet at this for linux and This one for windows