Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bitminter, Bitcoin mining for dummies!

So you want to get involved in bitcoin, but the idea of running a command line application like cgminer scares you, or you really aren't that computer proficient?

Fear no more, Bitminter is here!

Simply go to the bitminter website, register, download the java applet and click start. The app does the hard work for you. Also, it is very low on ram resources (about 200mb for me), and unlike some mining apps which make the computer unusuable while mining, bitminter's app seems to get a very high output from my cards while still allowing me to do my day to day computer activities. Give it a try! 

As a side note, bitminter also does merged namecoin mining which increases your profits about 5% and gets you namecoins too. I just got my first payouts today! =)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bitpasta, a bitcoin txt paste site

Do you post a lot of txt or code in places to share with others? Check out bitpasta, a site that pays you for using their txt pasting service!


Into Minecraft and Bitcoin? Have I got something fun for you!

If you're a fan of minecraft, and you happen to enjoy a little gambling from time to time, bitvegas is a new online casino built inside of minecraft that you can explore and play provably fair games in.

Welcome to BitVegas. A casino built 100% inside of Minecraft. 
Get a true 3d social experience amongst users of the bitcoin community

Perhaps you've only got a small amount of BTC? No problem, the casino allows small bets, and best of all:

"Once every fifteen minutes, players are gifted.. 0.5 mBTC via a chest.. "

This means not only can you play for free, you can gamble for free with free money as well. 

0.0005mbtc per 15 minutes = 0.002BTC per hour or 0.048 BTC per DAY! 

There is one stipulation that: Upon first joining the server, the number of free gifts a player may receive is set to thirty. Once every fifteen minutes, a player may go to a "Gift Chest" to receive a free gift of .5mBTC(.0005). Players may increase their number of free gifts by referring other players.

Regardless, bitvegas is a fun and easy way to get some BTC and have fun while doing it, far more fun than some fountain sites. Check it out! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Silly Bitcoin lottery site

I wouldn't recommend this site as a good way to get some mBTC as the payouts currently are extremely low. That being said, the site is in beta, and the owner promises to up the payouts in the near future as things progress. Hopefully we will see payouts in the mili BTC in the near future.

Its still a fun way to kill a little time though, check it out:

The Free Bitcoin Lottery

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New BTC for videos site!

User Siameze on reddit suggested that I add this new site:

Its known as Nyaa Videos! Its still in beta, so your mileage may vary, but give it a look and comment with what you think! =)

Nyaa Videos!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Behold the glory of Coinbox!


The nice people over at have created a rather easy way to get btc from faucet sites. You simply visit the sites listed below, enter your btc address, and the coins are sent to coinbox. Once you get over 5500 satoshis (which is very easy to do) you can be sent a payment from coinbox. The whole process is easy and free. Check out these awesome links!


Interested in keeping an eye on how much your bitcoins are worth? I personally like using Bitcoin Charts. This site gives you a breakdown based on the major trading sites, and also allows the interpretation of the data in stock market format tools. Check it out! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New to bitcoin? Here's how to get started and get some for free!

Start Using Bitcoins:

You will need a wallet to receive coins and you can get one for free. Wallet - Great online wallet that is well trusted by the bitcoin community.
Bitcoin-Qt - The original open source wallet created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Very trusted, easy to encrypt and protect.
Easywallet - Another online web wallet.

Getting some Bitcoins for free:

Get some bitcoins to start testing, how this all works, below are some services that offer you bitcoins:

Highest payouts:

FreeDigitalMoney - Complete simple tasks and get bitcoin

Best free bitcoin faucets I've found:

The Bitcoin ME
Ten Bitcoin
El Bitcoin Gratis
Raw Bitcoins
Free BTC 4 ALL
Virtual Faucet
Sr Bitcoin
Green Coins


BitVisitor -  Visit websites, earn bitcoins!
BitHits - Kind of a faucet, pays out daily
Daily Bitcoins - Again, daily small payout
CoinAd - Offers and ad viewing for bitcoins
BitCrate - Break a crate for a chance at free bitcoins!
Earn Free Bitcoins - Earn bitcoins in exchange for visiting sites. - Another small faucet
CoinTube.TV - Watch tv, get bitcoins
CoinVisitor - View sites and get small payouts
BitBin - Paste any txt you like and get paid for doing it.
FeedZeBirds - tweet for BTC
Seals With Clubs - Largest bitcoin poker site.
iWantFreeBitcoins - complete offers (many are free) for bitcoin. faucet -  Scan a QR code for a code for free bitcoin on mtgox
DragonTale - Online bitcoin casino, but starts you with a small amount for free.
BitcoinPlus - Got some idle computers? Generate bitcoin simply by leaving a browser tab open.
CoinWorker - Complete tasks and earn bitcoin.
Rugatu - Ask/answer questions for bitcoin rewards.
Earn The Bitcoin - Fill out forms and such for bitcoins.

If this list has been at all helpful for you, donations are welcomed at:


Looking for pages to get free litecoins? Look no further, click here!