Sunday, June 16, 2013

New to bitcoin? Here's how to get started and get some for free!

Start Using Bitcoins:

You will need a wallet to receive coins and you can get one for free. Wallet - Great online wallet that is well trusted by the bitcoin community.
Bitcoin-Qt - The original open source wallet created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Very trusted, easy to encrypt and protect.
Easywallet - Another online web wallet.

Getting some Bitcoins for free:

Get some bitcoins to start testing, how this all works, below are some services that offer you bitcoins:

Highest payouts:

FreeDigitalMoney - Complete simple tasks and get bitcoin

Best free bitcoin faucets I've found:

The Bitcoin ME
Ten Bitcoin
El Bitcoin Gratis
Raw Bitcoins
Free BTC 4 ALL
Virtual Faucet
Sr Bitcoin
Green Coins


BitVisitor -  Visit websites, earn bitcoins!
BitHits - Kind of a faucet, pays out daily
Daily Bitcoins - Again, daily small payout
CoinAd - Offers and ad viewing for bitcoins
BitCrate - Break a crate for a chance at free bitcoins!
Earn Free Bitcoins - Earn bitcoins in exchange for visiting sites. - Another small faucet
CoinTube.TV - Watch tv, get bitcoins
CoinVisitor - View sites and get small payouts
BitBin - Paste any txt you like and get paid for doing it.
FeedZeBirds - tweet for BTC
Seals With Clubs - Largest bitcoin poker site.
iWantFreeBitcoins - complete offers (many are free) for bitcoin. faucet -  Scan a QR code for a code for free bitcoin on mtgox
DragonTale - Online bitcoin casino, but starts you with a small amount for free.
BitcoinPlus - Got some idle computers? Generate bitcoin simply by leaving a browser tab open.
CoinWorker - Complete tasks and earn bitcoin.
Rugatu - Ask/answer questions for bitcoin rewards.
Earn The Bitcoin - Fill out forms and such for bitcoins.

If this list has been at all helpful for you, donations are welcomed at:


Looking for pages to get free litecoins? Look no further, click here! 


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