Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bitminter, Bitcoin mining for dummies!

So you want to get involved in bitcoin, but the idea of running a command line application like cgminer scares you, or you really aren't that computer proficient?

Fear no more, Bitminter is here!

Simply go to the bitminter website, register, download the java applet and click start. The app does the hard work for you. Also, it is very low on ram resources (about 200mb for me), and unlike some mining apps which make the computer unusuable while mining, bitminter's app seems to get a very high output from my cards while still allowing me to do my day to day computer activities. Give it a try! 

As a side note, bitminter also does merged namecoin mining which increases your profits about 5% and gets you namecoins too. I just got my first payouts today! =)


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