Monday, June 17, 2013

Behold the glory of Coinbox!


The nice people over at have created a rather easy way to get btc from faucet sites. You simply visit the sites listed below, enter your btc address, and the coins are sent to coinbox. Once you get over 5500 satoshis (which is very easy to do) you can be sent a payment from coinbox. The whole process is easy and free. Check out these awesome links!



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  2. Never miss a chance to try your luck every hour. you can earn up to 0.2 btc!!!!

  3. Great list!!!! I got so much more thanks to you!! You missed a few that I know of though: and (30 mins each) and (5 FREE tickets/60mins) which pay to

    Some others that don't pay to are: (60min), (6h), and (24h).

    Enjoy and get some btc.

    P.S. BTC Donations accepted at 1F61c9UboFvy6xJzGKdc4wERKhynPoKmHQ

    1. One last thing i forgot was, you visit a page for 5 minutes and then get some btc, from what I've noticed, payouts are best around Noon US Central Time, you get your balance sent to your btc address after you accumulate 100uBTC. (Doesn't take too long)

  4. i never recive the bitcoins if any one cant send me the least you can so i know if my wallet is working i use multibit 19jSF4hX8KBJUuF8qnpvhE8Wyd3FXJrW1Y please and thank you

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