Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking to purchase an ASIC? Cheapest ones I've found so far...

I recently decided to invest in some ASIC mining hardware. While mostly everyone agrees that its unlikely to make an ROI on bitcoin, it may make an ROI on other sha-256 coins. Those that have been mining PPcoin have made significant amounts of money in the past two weeks as the price has more than doubled.

I bought some bitcoins per usual through coinbase doing a direct debit on my bank account, then took those coins and bought asics through the store. Block erupters that mine at 330mhash per sec are being sold for only 0.15 BTC. If you were smart enough to buy BTC two days ago after the SR bust you picked up some coins for around $85 like I did. This means you can buy a block erupter for around $13 shipped.

Check it out at